The Science Behind Pipe Lining: How It Restores Your Plumbing

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Trenchless pipe lining goes a step beyond simple pipe repairs by actually rehabilitating old, cracked, and corroded piping. The technicians here at Drains By James are experienced in providing pipe lining in Boston, MA. This modern pipe restoration service can be advantageous for property owners who experience frequent back-ups and other sewer line problems.

The Pipe Lining Process

Modern pipe relining starts with hydro jetting followed by the installation of an epoxy-coated liner directly inside the existing pipeline. The new liner hardens to form a pipe-within-a-pipe that promotes efficient flow and offers many protective benefits.

Improved Structural Integrity

The cured new liner is as strong as or even stronger than most new piping materials. This helps relined pipes withstand crushing by soil, penetration by rocks, and damage from heavy traffic. The new lining will also stand up well to drain snaking and other cleaning methods that might cause damage to fragile unlined pipes.

Reduced Drain Clogs

The smooth flow surface created by a new liner will go a long way toward averting the hassles of clogged drain lines and backed-up pipes. Wastewater and solid particles will move easily through the line instead of becoming trapped in pits and craters.

Prevention of Potential Problems

Companies that offer plumbing and drain cleaning services often recommend relining as a way of protecting a pipe from potential damage. The original piping material will no longer be in direct contact with potentially corrosive wastewater, and problematic tree roots can no longer find spaces to enter and cause cracks and separations.

Drains By James is the drain cleaning company that has your best interest at heart. We go the extra mile to ensure your entire plumbing system is in peak condition and stays there. If you’re concerned about your property’s sewer lines and you’d like to know more about how we can help, reach out to our team. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!


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