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Drains By James is the company to call on when you need cost-effective sewer cleaning in Wilmington, MA, that’s provided in the most cost-effective way possible. Sewer lines age and can be affected by everything from tree roots to an accumulation of debris that causes clogs and backups. If you're in need of sewer services done right the first time every time, give us a call.

What Causes Clogged Sewer Pipes?

Tree roots are a common clog source for sewer lines. Additionally, clogs can be caused by storm runoff and poor maintenance and upkeep. Sewer line damage can also contribute to clogs and backups. Pipe scale is another reason why your sewer and drains may be slowing down or backing up.

Technician Cleaning Sewer Wilmington, MA

Signs of a Blocked Pipe

The main sign you need sewer cleaning services is a sewer backup. Other signs include slow drains, bad sewer or drain smells, and a toilet water level that has changed significantly. You may also have issues with multiple drains in your home due to sewer lines in need of a good cleaning.

The big benefits

Preventing clogs is one of the top perks of regular sewer and drain cleaning. You'll further benefit from fewer drain-related issues involving your sewer lines. You'll also benefit from sewer lines that flow better, which helps your household drains work better.


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Why Choose Us for Sewer Cleaning

In addition to years of industry experience, Drains By James stays up to date on the latest drain technology. We're also a sewer cleaning company that offers a workmanship guarantee for your added peace of mind. You'll also appreciate our honest, fair rates and attention to detail. We serve:


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Ask Us Today for a Thorough Sewer Cleaning

Drains By James is here for you when your sewer lines need a professional cleaning. Simply give us a call and we'll leave you with perfectly clean and fully flowing sewer lines. If other steps are necessary, we'll let you know what options you have available. Contact us today if you have a blocked sewer line - or if you want to prevent issues of this nature with routine cleanings.