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Cost-Effective Pipe Lining in Boston, MA

When you need repairs done on your commercial or residential sewer line, it can quickly become stressful. Your landscaping and hardscaping can get destroyed, leaving you with a big mess to deal with later. However, the pros at Drains By James can help you avoid this disruption and mess. Thanks to technological advancement, we specialize in trenchless pipe lining in Boston, MA, a modern pipe repair technique that allows us to restore pipes without excavation.

Checking on the Type of Repair

When your old pipe wears down, it's crucial to understand your repair options so you can make an informed decision. You can completely replace the pipe or use trenchless sewer pipe lining to make it as good as new. By choosing pipe lining, you'll add many years of life to your sewer system while saving time and money.

Pipe Lining Is Highly Recommended

CIPP pipe lining is the most common way to repair sewer pipes without digging. This might sound complicated, but it's pretty simple. We kick the process off with a sewer camera inspection to evaluate the damaged pipe. Next, we clean the pipe to remove scale and debris buildup and determine its stability and identify the problem area.

Once we clean the line, we insert a liner to the pipe's interior walls. We push the liner all of the way through the pipe and leave it in place to harden. We then apply heat for the resin to dry quickly, leaving you with a like-new pipe inside the old line. There is minimal down time, less than 8 hours on average.

We recommend pipe relining if there are regular drain backups or clogs. This service is also necessary if there's damage to pipes from tree roots or the damage is limited to one area. You may also benefit from pipe lining once you notice filthy drain odors around your home, gurgling sounds coming from the drains, or unusually wet or lush spots in the yard.


A Minimally Invasive Way to Address Pipe Damage

Rather than digging just to replace your pipe and make it strong again, we rely on pipe lining to provide that, even to old pipes. The liner seals any cracks on your old pipes, bonding with the available material. That means if your pipe was leaking, the new lining will stop that leak. The liner also resists corrosion and tree root infiltration, and it's hard to clog.


Reasons to Work With Drains By James

We have been offering this service since 2007, James has over 34 years of experience in the drain cleaning industry. You can depend on us to do the work right the first time and deliver long-lasting results. As one of the top-rated pipe lining companies in Boston, MA, our team prides itself on our:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Free estimates
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Transparent, upfront pricing

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