24/7 Availability to Assist In Times of Urgent Need

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Emergency Sewer & Drain Cleaning Available 24/7

Drains By James Inc offers a wide range of professional drain cleaning services to help you protect, maintain, and clean out your drains when necessary. We understand that disaster can strike at any moment and that is why we offer emergency services 24/7. Not only will Drains By James Inc be available when you need us, but all our work is guaranteed for maximum satisfaction.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and being your preferred drain cleaning company in the future. If you are looking to clean, protect, or simply maintain your drains, give us a call today. We offer any of the following services at reasonable prices:
Auger Toilets $155.00
Lift & Reset Toilet BowlOn Same Visit$75.00
Sink Drain, Tub Drain, Floor Drain Any Inside Drain 2” or less $155.00
One Additional DrainOn Same Visit$75.00
Main Sewer Line.....(Up to 100 ft)Inside or Out $249.00
Main Sewer LineInside and Out$299.00

Special Pricing for Grease-Trap Maintenance | Special Pricing for Preventative Maintenance | Special Pricing for Multiple-Drain Work

Nights, Weekends & HolidaysNot specified below $60.00+
Thanksgiving Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/ Day, New Year's Eve/Day $95.00+

Some Services We Provide

  • Disposal Lines
  • Laundry Lines
  • Storm Drains
  • Roof Drains
  • Septic & Grease Tank Pumping
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting
  • Camera Inspections of Sewer Lines & Many Other Types of Drains (Includes Locating and USB)
  • Catch-Basin Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Main Sewer Lines
  • Tubs & Sink Drains
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Efficient Equipment for Maximum Results

Drains by James utilizes state-of-the-art technology including video inspection, line locating, snaking, and high-pressure water jetting to effectively clean and diagnose the condition of your drains.