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With so many online DIY tips available at the tip of your fingers, it is quite easy to let professional services fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, this is almost certainly a surefire way to worsen plumbing issues. Drains By James has been offering drain cleaning in Wilmington, MA, for a long time. As such, we have encountered various extents of clogs caused by different things.

Below, we take a quick look at the most common drain cleaning myths we’ve heard from clients as well as the truth behind them.

DIY Drain Cleaning Is Easy

There’s a plethora of online guides and tutorials for everything from CIPP pipe lining to drain cleaning solutions. While it seems easy theoretically, it is more complicated in practice. Without proper training, it is easy to misdiagnose issues and use tools wrongly.

You Don’t Need Professionals For Minor Clogs

While clogs might appear minor, they might indicate a more severe issue if they occur often. Therefore, we recommend having a professional inspect the plumbing system to address the root cause. Oftentimes, situations that call for procedures such as pipe relining start off with minor issues that have been neglected.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Work Similar To Professional Drain Cleaning

Using store-bought drain cleaners is the first step many people take to tackle clogs of different sizes. While they can be effective for some clogs, they don’t work on all of them. They might also do more harm than good to the plumbing system. One of the main effects is accelerating corrosion on cast iron pipes, which might require cast iron pipe lining to fix. They also kill bacteria in the septic tanks that help break down the waste.

Hot Water Can Eliminate Any Clog

While hot water is usually effective on small clogs mainly caused by grease and soap scum, it will not eliminate stubborn blockages. We also don’t recommend using it often for clients with PVC pipes or sewer pipe lining because it might melt them. This could result in loose joints that result in leaks.

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